Morgan Sully


Agora Collective (Berlin-Neukölln, Germany)

Community Operations (2012-2014)

50 Mittelweg, photo by Franz Brück


Agora is a multi-disciplinary project space that includes co-working, artist residencies, exhibitions and a café. With a limited IT budget and staff, we were looking to scale our internal systems to handle multiple customers, workshops and events.


Served as central point-of-contact for events and programming while managing and developing core operating systems to meet real-time needs of Agora a coworking, café and event space.

Lead all community operations, rental agreements and facilities management while regularly maintaining >70% fill rates.

Collaborating at Agora

Conducted organization-wide technology audit and produced a strategic technology plan. Migrated accounting system to Freshbooks (aff link) and trained staff on its use . Redesigned website to handle customer queries through various web forms. Segmented and cleaned Mailchimp database. Automated email collection between Freshbooks and Mailchimp (aff link). Co-developed an Agora one-pager to welcome people new to Agora. Wrote the first version of Agoras Policies and Operations manual. Created an internal community cookbook from chefs in the community. Led a design charrette to surface community needs. Audited and reorganized all Posts and Pages on in 2 year old WordPress archive and guided a site redesign and migration. Cross-trained staff on various new website features developed in-house. Various styling and front-end theming and migration. Developed new leaders in house. Grew coworker community from 30 active members to 80 in 1 year. Documentation and hand off of all work on my departure.

Agora Design Thinking Workshop on 8th March 2014 from Agora Collective on Vimeo.


Upon succession, left a newly built intranet containing contract templates, a Policies & Operations manual and successfully hired the next manager to become steward and manager of all systems built.

Media Arts center San Diego (San Diego, CA USA)

Program Manager (18 months full-time)


MEDIA ARTS Center San Diego procured a $30k grant to develop a community new media lab. They needed someone to lead its development both technically and human resource-wise.


Acted as central point-of-contact for all content, operations improvements and instructor onboarding for lab programs.

Working within the budget, I designed, developed and built the technology and marketing capacities of the new media lab, systemized evening workshops while teaching youth media camps. I also developed a workshop instructor recruitment system, taught new media workshops and coordinated the SHARE open-media jams.

Liaised between parents, students, instructors, staff and volunteers in creating policies and procedures for operating seasonal educational programming.


The Youth Media Camps are now a regular revenue-generating education program - 7 years after I started them.

CuriousWorks (Sydney/Newman, NSW/WA Australia)

New Media Educator (3 months-contract)


The youth of a remote mining town of Newman, Western Australia were in need of a new youth center and wanted to develop digital literacy and project management skills.


In collaboration with other staff from CuriousWorks, I led new media workshops in mining and remote Indigenous communities in the Pilbara desert of Western Australia after using Kickstarter to raise the funds necessary for the trip. We designed and delivered new media/social media workshops for youth and teachers both in school and after school.

CuriousWorks Newman 2009 Summary Video from CuriousWorks on Vimeo.


The National Alliance for Media Arts & Culture, San Francisco, CA USA

Online Community Manager/Platform Developer (18 months full-time)


NAMAC was looking to migrate their 1,400 page website from a custom built ColdFusion CMS to an open source, modular CMS based on Drupal. At the time, Drupal was at 5.0. They also wanted tighter integration with web 2.0 capabilities.


Acted as online community manager and technical advisor to organizations web operations. Led redesign and migration of 1500 page content management system website to new platform (ColdFusion to Drupal).

The project took 8 months, working in-house with staff, 2 IT departments and multiple ideation and design meetings. Finished site includes a job board, Google Map-enabled directory of member organizations and a federated search engine. Before my departure, I built a staff intranet, migrated our emails to Google Apps, documented all web operations and trained key staff on how to operate the website.