Morgan Sully - technographer.

Morgan Sully


I amplify and connect communities of people working in collaborative spaces.

I do this by analyzing the processes and behaviors of people 'at work' and than use this knowledge to build workflows and tools to become user-owned and operated.

I document everything I do and train the next generation of stewards to build on and improve it.

Much of my practice is informed by capacity building, knowledge management and digital storytelling and I seek out points of resonance in the communities and teams I serve to conduct my work.

My work is wonderfully varied and spans multiple continents and friendships, but the common thread in all of it is empowering people to use technology with the same joy and curiosity that I have found so rewarding.

My ultimate goal is my own redundancy made possible by enabling cooperative ownership, trust and resilience through a community's articulation of it's own stories and technologies.

In my spare time, I make electronic music and can also be found on LinkedIn.